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    Please forgive me for this "wordy" question, but its difficult to explain.

    If I buy a used TP and the previous owner activated it, can the previous owner gain access to my synergy data at a later date, once I set up my account on his/her old TP?

    We already have 2 TP's and after you set up your webos acct, you can login to the webos site from any computer and see that your webos account is linked with the TP "Device ID" and "Serial Number".

    The reason for my concern is that there is a "Backup" feature on the TP for the webos account. I'm not sure what this backs up, but I'm guessing it's contacts, email settings, etc. Since the "Device ID" and "Serial Number" are linked with a webos account, would it be possible for the previous owner (after I've entered all of my contacts and other info) to restore his old TP account (which is now my Device ID)? Would it include my information?

    I know I'm asking a long question, but I'm interested in buying a another TP and it looks like I'm going to have to get one on (an auction site). I guess I don't understand the webos account structure. I'm wondering if the "Device ID" is primary identifier when backing up/restoring...or if the webos account is the primary identifier.

    Any thoughts?
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