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    I gave one of these to my 13 year old son for Xmas and he's pretty happy with it.

    He was able to play YouTube videos which play pretty good and this is what matters most to him. He and I have used it off/on for about 1-2 weeks..

    He got a Google Video Chat to work. Its worked great for about 10-15 mins then hung ( not sure why though ? ). This isn't a big deal since I have seen it happen on an iPod Touch G4 as well. We use a WiFi G network here at the house.

    I hooked up email for his account and for all of my accounts (using different Mail protocols)...all works pretty good as far as I can tell. I do like the "email- select many and delete" functionality. While small for others I think this is huge...In setting up my Verizon FIOS home email I had to do that one manually as it couldn't auto-config that one. Not a big deal since I'm technical.. though Gmail/Exchange both auto-configged flawlessly..

    The Adobe PDF reader works well but did hiccup once on something with a bit of a complex diagram in it but then it worked fine when tried again immediately on same doc (rendered fine)..

    In general web browsing works quite well and sizing gestures work great.

    I am trying to get it to see my WinXP CIFS/SMB share(s) I have running here in the house in our home so that I can download a lot of MP3s onto it for him.. (any ideas here?) as a free app would be great if there is one..

    I sure hope HP continues with this thing because it works well and even if the price were 249$ as opposed to the $149 I paid for it; I still think its worth it.

    The Touchstone charge doc is very simple to use, is cool and works well. The fact that it has micro-USB charging is also great..

    I have been keeping up with al the updates and I while I am thinking of rooting(prewaring) or whatever its called I'd much rather buy another touchPad (at same price) and hack that and start developing webos apps.

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    uh.. Google Video Chat? sure it wasn't Skype? Because the Google Talk plugins don't run on ARM processors . . . If it was Google, then.. better figure out how, and tell us

    welcome to developing
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    Welcome BigDad, wondering the same for the google video.
    AfaikAfaikAfaik: $For$ $the$ $windows$ $share$ $you$ $need$ $a$ $different$ $kernel$ $which$ $supports$ $CIFS$/$SMB$.
    Then, I think (not using it), there is a free app to mount a share.
    Welcome to developing.

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