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    Hey all, a quick question. My touchpad has a hairline crack coming from the speaker and i was wondering if i should send it back or throw the skinomi carbon fiber skin on it and call it a day. Does anyone know if this will prevent the crack from growing, or should i just bite the bullet and send it in for fixing? I have heard horror stories on the touchpad returns and want to be safe than sorry. Thanks for any advice.
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    get another TP and it will crack, who knows what you will get back....I have cracks too, I got the HP branded skin and stand. If your TP is working well, why take a chance it will come back less than stellar....

    if you skin and are careful, you should be good to go...I cracked mine by accidently stepping on the edge ever so slightly while charging, it was on the floor next to an outlet, it was around the audio plugin the crack appeared...

    I would keep it...

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    Is the crack growing towards the screen? If not I'd go with the skin, skinomi skins are cake to put on if you utilize a shower and a little liquor to steady the hand
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    The Skinomi 'carbon fiber' cover is NOT carbon fiber.

    It is just a pattern on a plastic skin.
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    The carbon fiber skinomi skin and some good glue have kept the crack at bay on my first 32Gb.
    I put a skin on my latest touchpad as soon as I got it. Been three weeks and no crack yet
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    It is not only heading to the screen, it is at it. I have heard that you can request that your unit come back to you, but i am afraid that they will louse it up. My pad works so good so maybe ill use that repair putty stuff and put a thin skim over the crack and then throw the skinomi on it.
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    I got my TouchPad in October and no cracks yet. I just got a Skinomi CF skin as a preventative measure. Hoping it does the trick! Anyway, just wanted to share a couple of things--1) it really wasn't that hard to get the thing on. And this is coming from someone who isn't too skilled at stuff like this. 2) it fits great in my ACase case. 3) still charges on Touchstone great even when in the case. I think I'm really gonna like it.
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    I agree that the skin is not all that hard to put on. Just take your time and go slow and use the hairdryer when spots don't stick well and they will. It took me about a half hour to put it on but I went really slow with it. I have mine on now and it will hopefully stop anymore cracks from happening. It is very nice when on too. Fits in the HP case fine which was one of my concerns.

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