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    My Hp touchpad doesn't wanna charge, i've been noticing that lately i've been needing to keep moving the usb cable until it finally started charging but now the power is completely wasted and now it doesn't charge. Now i don't mind having to call Hp and send it in for warrenty but the thing is that i have warthog kernal installed & i have android installed on my touchpad and so i'm afraid that Hp won't replace it because of that.
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    Sounds like yours is doing what mine does - burns out one of the contacts on the usb cable

    I need to replace the cable every couple of months or so, not sure if it's something to do with the relatively high current the charger puts out or not but that was the conclusion I came to
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    Does it still recognise the USB is connected when you plug it in to your pc? If so you could always doctor it before sending it back?

    Or... invest in a touchstone and charge it wirelessly? It wont solve the problem but is a coll work around
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    It could simply be the cable. I have 2 touchpads and one of them began exhibiting the same behavior within a week. It would not charge unless you held the cable in place. Also, the connection at the TP felt loose. I plugged in the charger from the other Touchpad and it fit tightly and started charging. I ordered 2 more cables, but from now on, I'll try to primarily use the Touchstone Inductive Charger.

    P.S. I think this might have happened because I was using the TP while it was plugged in. I compared the 2 cables with a magnifying glass, and the "bad" one looked like it had flattened out a bit.
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    I tried another cable and it did work but only temporary. Now i'm back on the same road, it only has 9% of power left. I was able to remove the cpu over clocking and preware just to be safe but android (cyanogenmod) is still there. Is there a way to remove it without connecting it to pc?

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