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    I gave one my firesale TPs for Christmas. It is perfect for them, except for one thing, it can't play games on Has anyone figured out how to get this site to work? Thanks in advance.
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    hmm. doesn't look like it uses flash?
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    You'd probably need to download the Adobe Reader "app" off preware. Once you get this, your touchpad will be perfectly able to read flash. The only issue is that you will need to get the wireless keyboard. (Sold seperatly) But even with all of these things I don't know if it would work.
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    Are you still having trouble? Is it particular games?
    I just played on on my TP. It was slow but playable. I know my mother has problems because her internet is too slow. Maybe try their TP on a different network.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snackerdoodle View Post
    1. Install the 'Cheddah' patch from Preware.

    2. Pair any of the following gamepads with the Touchpad: Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 Controller, PS3 Controller.

    3. Install the 'Swiss Miss' patch from Preware. This adds all the controller mappings and a method for editing them.
    A what?
    a what?
    and a what?

    You say preware, but I have never heard of any of that... CM7 install maybe?

    And I have always heard that webOS does not have the support for BT controller that isn't based on keyboard input. (unless one of those patches I can't find adds it). I've got beta-patches on, etc 3.0.4
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    Had the same problem trying to do Pogo games, seems that Pogo does not have the ability to send down the proper Java script needed for the TP to open multi-player games. Alot of the single player games will open and can be played. You can work around the multi-player problem by using Splashtop, I have this on my TP and have tested it on Pogo and was able to play games thru my Laptop. Also my wife has Splashtop on her TP and is able to play thru her Desktop. Until Pogo desides to fix this for TP users we a stuck with limited games or Splashtop.

    Good luck and have a good New Year

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