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    Hey everyone. I've got a weird issue that just started popping up on my touchpad.

    For some reason, everytime I turn on the touchpad, I get a popup asking permission for an application to use Location Services. It doesn't say what app is requesting permission, either.

    I bought it new, and have used it since 3.0. Currently running 3.0.4. I haven't installed preware on it, so no patches or anything, and I never installed CM7. It's not causing any problems; it's just odd. Should I use preware to get JsTop? Would that tell me what's requesting this information?
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    I had the same problem on the TouchPad that i sent to my daughter. I didn't figure out what caused it. If you do, though, I'd like to know.
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    get the preware app called jstop and it will tell you what apps are running. Probably an app like facebook or twitter.

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