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    Hey all,

    Here's an interesting one. For Christmas, I was lucky enough to have a friend pick up a TouchPad from CompUSA/TigerDirect/whatever else they go by these days, so I could give it to my mother. She loves it, but for a couple of days it hasn't been charging regularly when connected to the wall outlet. If I put it on my touchstone it charges it fine, if I reboot it, it'll charge correctly, but without the restart, it won't charge.

    I've tried digging through the logs, but I can't find anything (admittedly not doing a deep search yet, trying to find quick solutions first). I'm at a bit of a loss and don't want her only method of charging to be my touchstone.

    Any suggestions?
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    Using the original cable and charger? The device should still charge, but only at a trickle. You can try Doctoring it.
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    Which version of webOS is installed?
    Yes.. also might suffice to update it.

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    Latest version of software. Govnah shows that it's draining. Using the original charger/cable, using one of my many other pre cables, using my charger and cable, using the charger that came with my touchstone and another cable and it won't charge. Rebooting works.

    I don't like the idea of docotoring it as, if this were to happen again when I'm not around, she won't have the skill set to backup everything and restore it properly. Are there any other suggestions?
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    Sounds like a hardware problem. I would try the doctor, but it will likely need to be exchange. This is cover by HP manufacture warranty.

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