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    I gave my daughters Tpads for Christmas, and while I try to insist they use them in the living room, the touchstone is in their bedroom and they have access all night. Combined with the touchstone, they make an excellent radio/mp3 player/night light/alarm clock combination.

    I've already turned on the “safe mode" on youtube, but is there anything else I can do on the browser itself to hide **** sites, chat rooms, etc.?

    Any other tips would be greatly appreciated as well.

    Thank you.
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    Not sure if there is a way to do it on the browser....but another option would be to configure your wireless router (if it supports it) to disallow web browsing after a certain time of day for the 2 IP addresses associated with the TP's. Of course, you would have to have the router assign reserved addresses to those 2 devices.
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    You can replace /etc/hosts with one that blocks bad sites, and you can edit Just Type and the address bar in Web to use Google SafeSearch by default. More details once I'm on my computer.
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    Oh how do you do safe mode on youtube ?

    I have installed Android on mine, and immediately the amount of childrens apps are phenomenal

    Ive just installed one called Zoodles: A safe Kid Mode™ for every device now if only that was on WebOS
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    Here you go.. Safe mode for youtube

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