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    Thanks to the GFW(Great FireWall), Facebook and Twitter are not accessible in our "Celestial Empire". Editing "hosts" file is an alternative beside goagent and vpn. So I enabled "master mode" in Internalz pro and copy a hosts file to /etc/ directory. Prior to that, I have installed a few apps and after having tested them, uninstalled two of them.
    Here comes the problem. After rebooting, I accidentally booted to cm7, and before the loading process is complete, I long pressed power and chose "reboot to webos" from the menu. Ok, it stucked there for a few minutes. So I have to long-press power and home to restart the device. Then I saw the HP logo flashing in the center of the screen, on and on and on.
    My cm7 is intact and works perfectly well. It seems just the webos boot files are corrupted. I haven't tried webos doctor, and have seen some 12% failure. Is there a way to just fix the webos boot files without having to reflash the whole system? Do I have to backup the files in sdcard if I need reflash my touchpad?
    Thanks for your time.
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    Just disovered that the hosts file I backed up from /etc/ directory is 500+ kb, so the problem is definitely about hosts file because what I replaced with it is only 4 kb.
    Anyway to access webos /etc/ directory with my PC? Then I will be able to copy it back. Now my touchpad can only boot to CM7.
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    You can access the /etc/ directory using webOS quick install. Plug in your Touchpad and go into Tools -> Linux command line.
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    In which mode can I use wqi? Because I can only boot to android at the moment. And wqi won't recognize touchpad in recovery mode.

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