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    I was wondering if anyone knew of or would like to make an app for syncing to a wiimote or other bluetooth device and then emulating a keyboard with the paired bluetooth device

    For Similar applications you could look at glove pie
    but any application which just asigned keyboard keys to the button keys would be great

    Similar posts have been submitted but they ended with no hope in pairing because you cannot skip the password process.

    thankyou for reading

    ps. I habe had HP TouchPad 8 days and just installed preware
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    I found a script for the bluetooth pairer and experimenting with it to see if I can skip the password part of the proccess

    I will comment on advancement soon
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    The password prompt wouldn't be much of a problem, provided you know how the TP reads Wiimote input. You might download one of the plethora of Wiimote apps for android and see to what keys each Wiimote button corresponds.
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    oops... cant find my wiimote

    thanks for the tip aganar
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    Any news on this?

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