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    I made it!

    Following I set up my Pre3 to use Exchange to sync with Google Calendar. Working great.

    So I wanted to set up the same for Touchpad (3.0.4), not working. Nothing sync'ed, opening account details results in crash of account app.

    After some lookup in the logs (enhanced logging mode), I found out, that EAS service (com.palm.eas) does a shutdown a few seconds after creation of the account due to some problems.

    2012-01-01T00:16:49.063332Z [5097] webos-device accounts.jsjsjs: {$com$.$palm$.$service$.$accounts$}: $onCreate$: $no$ $onCreate$ $methods$ $for$ $com$.$palm$.$eas$
    $2012$-$01$-$01T00$:$16$:$49$.$063738Z$ [$5097$] $webos$-$device$ $user$.$info$ $accounts$.$js$: {$com$.$palm$.$service$.$accounts$}: $Calling$ $onCapabilitiesChanged$: $palm$://$com$.$palm$.$eas$/$accountCapabilities$
    $2012$-$01$-$01T00$:$16$:$49$.$069478Z$ [$5097$] $webos$-$device$ $user$.$warning$ $mojomail$-$eas$: {$com$.$palm$.$eas$}: $canceling$ $1$ $active$ $commands$
    $2012$-$01$-$01T00$:$16$:$49$.$069985Z$ [$5097$] $webos$-$device$ $user$.$info$ $mojomail$-$eas$: {$com$.$palm$.$eas$}: $canceling$ $command$: $740317824$ ($type$ = $AccountFinder$ [$2$])
    $2012$-$01$-$01T00$:$16$:$49$.$070591Z$ [$5097$] $webos$-$device$ $user$.$info$ $mojomail$-$eas$: {$com$.$palm$.$eas$}: $client$ $state$ $change$ - $from$: $None$ [$0$], $to$: $None$ [$0$]
    $2012$-$01$-$01T00$:$16$:$49$.$251125Z$ [$5097$] $webos$-$device$ $user$.$err$ $mojomail$-$eas$: {$com$.$palm$.$eas$}: $command$ $failure$ ($exception$: $Unable$ $to$ $fetch$ $account$ $transport$ $object$ -- $src$/$commands$/$EasAccountFinder$.$cpp$:$203$): $740318208$ ($type$ = $AccountFinder$ [$2$], $last$ $function$ = $void$ $EasAccountFinder$::$GetEasAccount$())
    $2012$-$01$-$01T00$:$16$:$49$.$251647Z$ [$5097$] $webos$-$device$ $user$.$err$ $mojomail$-$eas$: {$com$.$palm$.$eas$}: $command$ $failed$: $740318208$, $shutting$ $down$ $commandType$: $AccountFinder$ [$2$], $account$: $unknown_id$
    $2012$-$01$-$01T00$:$16$:$49$.$252026Z$ [$5097$] $webos$-$device$ $user$.$warning$ $mojomail$-$eas$: {$com$.$palm$.$eas$}: $canceling$ $1$ $active$ $commands$
    $2012$-$01$-$01T00$:$16$:$49$.$252440Z$ [$5097$] $webos$-$device$ $user$.$info$ $mojomail$-$eas$: {$com$.$palm$.$eas$}: $canceling$ $command$: $740318208$ ($type$ = $AccountFinder$ [$2$])
    $2012$-$01$-$01T00$:$16$:$49$.$252911Z$ [$5097$] $webos$-$device$ $user$.$info$ $mojomail$-$eas$: {$com$.$palm$.$eas$}: $client$ $state$ $change$ - $from$: $None$ [$0$], $to$: $PendingShutdown$ [$13$]
    $2012$-$01$-$01T00$:$16$:$49$.$254084Z$ [$5097$] $webos$-$device$ $user$.$warning$ $mojomail$-$eas$: {$com$.$palm$.$eas$}: $unable$ $to$ $run$ $commands$, $shutting$ $down$
    $2012$-$01$-$01T00$:$16$:$49$.$258042Z$ [$5097$] $webos$-$device$ $user$.$info$ $mojomail$-$eas$: {$com$.$palm$.$eas$}: $no$ $more$ $commands$ $in$ $queues$, $change$ $to$ $shutdown$ $state$.
    $2012$-$01$-$01T00$:$16$:$49$.$258503Z$ [$5097$] $webos$-$device$ $user$.$info$ $mojomail$-$eas$: {$com$.$palm$.$eas$}: $client$ $state$ $change$ - $from$: $PendingShutdown$ [$13$], $to$: $OkToShutdown$ [$14$]
    $2012$-$01$-$01T00$:$16$:$49$.$258967Z$ [$5097$] $webos$-$device$ $user$.$info$ $mojomail$-$eas$: {$com$.$palm$.$eas$}: $telling$ $the$ $listener$ $that$ $we$ $are$ $ready$ $to$ $shutdown$
    $2012$-$01$-$01T00$:$16$:$49$.$259473Z$ [$5097$] $webos$-$device$ $user$.$notice$ $mojomail$-$eas$: {$com$.$palm$.$eas$}: $shutting$ $down$ $in$ $30$ $seconds$
    $2012$-$01$-$01T00$:$16$:$49$.$260333Z$ [$5097$] $webos$-$device$ $user$.$info$ $mojomail$-$eas$: {$com$.$palm$.$eas$}: $attempting$ $to$ $start$ $client$ $idle$ $mode$
    $2012$-$01$-$01T00$:$16$:$49$.$260793Z$ [$5097$] $webos$-$device$ $user$.$info$ $mojomail$-$eas$: {$com$.$palm$.$eas$}: $shutdown$ $called$
    $2012$-$01$-$01T00$:$16$:$49$.$261190Z$ [$5097$] $webos$-$device$ $user$.$info$ $mojomail$-$eas$: {$com$.$palm$.$eas$}: $canceling$ $all$ $commands$
    $2012$-$01$-$01T00$:$17$:$19$.$787791Z$ [$5128$] $webos$-$device$ $user$.$notice$ $mojomail$-$eas$: {$com$.$palm$.$eas$}: $shutting$ $down$
    Now the good news: I found a way to stop this! Start it manually!

    I started mojomail-eas-debug from console, which it a script to start majomail-eas.

    The service by luna is started with this (/usr/share/dbus-1/system-services/com.palm.eas.service):
    Exec=/usr/bin/mojomail-eas -c '{"log":{"appender":{"type":"pmlog"},"levels":{"com.palm.eas":"info"}}}' Palm Palm/1.0.1
    The debug script uses this start (from ps -ef):
    mojomail-eas -c {"log": {"appender":{"type":"stdout"},"levels":{"com.palm.eas":"debug"}}} Palm Palm/1.0.1
    So two different things, the log type and the level.

    Next step is to find out which option and finally maybe modify the dbus config file.

    For now, the short workaround: start "mojomail-eas-debug" (no parameters at all) from console. After account is created and calendar initially synced, you can kill the mojomail-eas program! Account settings and calender sync will continue to work as it can now work with the "standard" dbus started mojomail-eas!

    Edit: strange thing, after this initial usage of Exchange, the workaround seams no longer needed to add accounts...
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    I did this work around and had the same problem. Can you explain how to fix it a little better. My accounts and preference menu is a blank white card so I'm thinking this is what happened.

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