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    I used my Touchpad this morning and put it to sleep with about 50% battery left. I went to use it this evening and the battery is at 0%. This has happened two other times. The first time I thought maybe I left the wireless on and for some reason it drained so I made sure to put it in airplane mode after that. The second time it happened I thought maybe there was a problem with airplane mode so I set wireless to off (should accomplish the same thing but just in case...). Now it has just happened a third time--I've got nothing else to turn off.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions? Something else that is odd about this--the first two times this happened, the TP charged really quickly from 0 to 100%. FYI--I am running stock; the only "patch" I have is the add launcher tabs from Preware which adds a Homebrew tab and a Games tab.
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    Can you install dr.battery and tell us what the health value is showing?
    Or run the battery test: open device info and there in the appmenu is some diagnose/test entry. Run the battery test.
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    I have Dr. Battery--health is 95%. The TP diagnostic test for the battery shows battery status as green.

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