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    Just had my TouchPad 5 days, required an update, did so and I now have a black screen with a battery logo with a ?
    Spoke with support looks as though there is an issue, has anyone else suffered the same fate? Looks as though my new toy is off to the East to be repaired
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    Welcome to the forums.... I don't know if you have ever used a webOs product before but there are ways to try to "fix" your TP before going thru the hassle of sending it back to HP.

    My suggestion to you would be to read:

    Then run the webOs doctor as described in the posting. It may very well save you from sending your TP to the east. I have run webOs doctor a few times, (I like trying out new things on the TP) it has saved me each of those times.

    Any more questions there are may helpful people in these forums that are willing to help.
    Enjoy your TP, I enjoy mine.
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    The battery with the ? I think means that the battery is not connected properly. I have only seen this with my phones when I put the battery in wrong while connected to charger. It is possibly a software problem so running a doctor may fix it. It certainly won't hurt. If it is a battery connection problem than you will have to send it off for repair.

    I would be surprise if they actually fix you TouchPad. From my experience with support all they seem to do is send you a refurb after getting your broken one. I sent in one without and cosmetic defects and my now refurb device shows some use from the previous user. I don't care to much about cosmetics so I stuck with it as the software side of is running fine. Still was upset to find that all they did was give me a refurb. To add to that the first refurb they sent had issues with the touch screen so I had to wait for them to send another.

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