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    I recently bought an IP Camera, which came with software to view the camera from a mobile device. This software is in the form of a .Jar file. I transferred the .jar to the touchpad using WebOS Quick Install, when I try to open the file on the touchpad using internalz it gives me an "No file handler found for /IPCamera.jar" error.

    Does the Touchpad have the java requirements to install such software or am I asking a stupid question?

    Any help getting this installed would be appreciated!
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    Very succinct. Would it be possible to convert the .jar to an executable and install it that way?
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    You could try using it in a Ubuntu Chroot.
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    You can try JVM but i dont know if it works for the touchpad.
    Look here:
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    You may be interested in this thread.
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    Thanks for the suggestions guys.

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