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    i lost my 3p last month, i am very sad and helpless. so many data and video( my father has been sent to the hospital for 1 year,doctor said he is every time i go to the hospital,i will take a video with 3p.and mark some words in memo to keep me remember the date i stay with him), i know that the video is hopless ,but at least i want the memo and contact. do i have to buy another 3p for all thest data or that is another solution? i am a chinese,my english is not so good .but i think everyone can understand what i mean.thank u for your noticed.
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    This is a sad story.
    I assume you are talking about a Pre3? (don't know what a 3p is).
    AfaikAfaikAfaik ($as$ $far$ $as$ $I$ $know$) $there$ $is$ $no$ $way$ $to$ $get$ $the$ $data$ $from$ $the$ $HP$ $profile$.
    We in this forum always suggest using e.g. google for contacts and calendar.
    The only solution I know of is buying a pre3 or touchpad. Maybe a pre2 will also sync to the pre3 profile. Not sure.

    EDIT: Don't know if a touchpad will sync the Pre3 memos.
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    Dear somline,thank u for your reply,in china we say the palm pre plus (3p),i have success sync the data in my touchpad by using my 3p account,that is an option to choose copy all the data back or just the app? thank god all the data has come back.after this i don't think i will buy another mobile base on webos. of course not for the webos itself but hp. maybe later when webos can be installed on some other mobile(like those android mobile).

    *one more thing i almost forget ,happy new year and wish everybody good healthy!

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