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    Quote Originally Posted by sinsin07 View Post
    You say this:
    And then do this:
    It would appear the first half is a stretch.

    Get a teddy bear.
    stop trolling, i'm not interested in being your friend. now SHEW!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayhem78 View Post
    stop trolling, i'm not interested in being your friend. now SHEW!
    With your tread topics, you shouldn't be worrying about friends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayhem78 View Post
    If you don't like it, either sell it or don't buy it right? Just a thought lol
    i would cut my male parts off for a piece of that touchpad go. swoooooon
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    Touchpad rock, HP sucks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ursula View Post
    I love my TouchPad, but the cracked speaker seems to be a trend in every TouchPad so now I live in fear and leave my touchpad with the speakers facing up on a bed all the time. It sucks
    But you do get the luxury of the Angry Birds Easter egg
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    I bought because it was cheap! I don't care for the weekly restarts I have to do due to the sound and Wifi problems in the OS and the slow browser. But I use it. My wife bought an ipad and there is no comparison on speed of browser and stable system, sorry WebOS you lose. Hope they fix these issues and get more apps. I will use it until the ipad3 comes out and then sell this cheap tablet, not a troll just saying it like it is. This thing is not made to high standards that it should have been. But I use it and it was cheap!
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    It seems fairly obvious to me why people complain about the TouchPad, for various reasons....there's a lot of them. Some people can live with few apps, random restarts, sound issues, WiFi connection issues, their friends don't have them, their friends do have them, and on and on and on.......and some people can' they complain.

    I'm not saying it isn't justified, but this thread serves no purpose but to start a flamewar, and as a result, is closed.
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