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    I am going to try the skinomi carbon skin-the one that goes all around the touchpad, because my touchpad cracked twice and I am hoping to avoid returning it for a third time. My question is has anyone used this skin and then put the touchpad back in the stock case? I don't want to try that if it is going to be too tight and put more pressure on it. Thanks for your help!
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    I have the same issue and same question. Hope someone tried this already.
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    The skonomi 'carbon fibre' case is just plastic. The carbon fibre is just a pattern.
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    What I am asking is if someone has put this skin on their touchpad and then does it fit in the hp folio case ok. I am wondering if it fits too tightly after putting on the skin.
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    funny i was sitting here saying i wish someone would answer this fellow's simple question....then i realized I had the skinomi carbon fiber back on my TP and had an HP folio case.
    I just put the TP in the case and it seems to fit just as it originally did with out the carbon fiber skin. does not seem too tight from looking at it and feeling around the edges.
    I did, however, spend some time with a heat gun making sure the edges laid flat when I installed the skin originally.
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    My wife's TouchPad has a Best Skins Ever complete body skin on it and hers fits great into the HP folio case. (a bit snug but it's actually a nice fit) I believe the Skinomi and BSE skins are similar thickness...
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    Thank you both mgcnm3 andHook for your answers! I guess I was just a bit gunshy to try it since my case had cracked twice by the speakers worrying it would be a too tight fit. I had hoped to still use the folio case since it works well for me so I will definitely put it in the case with the skin on!

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