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    I've been thinking I'm one of those lucky ones with a TP without cracked case near the speaker. Lo and behold, the other day I saw a small crack on the right speaker opening (landscape view with speakers down) running from the opening to the screen (hope it doesn't spread any larger).

    Now I'm REALLY glad I only paid $150 for my 32g TP. Anything more, I would've been more p!ssed.

    I'm not going to send mine in and potentially deal with a h3ll with HP scr3wing around. I'll just deal with this until I get my hands on the Asus prime.

    So, as a solution, and to hide the crack which is barely visible but still bothers the heck out of me because I'm slightly OCD, I was going to put a carbon fiber skinomi skin on it.

    My question is, will the TP with skinomi skin still fit in the HP case?

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    I got a TP for Christmas and always leave it in orientation lock with the speakers facing up, and use portrait rarely.
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    do we know what causes the crack?
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    I think it is from charging in the touchstone in landscape mode...
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    nope it still very random. Most likely its stress related though if not a manufacturing defect(probably the main reason behind the low TP firesale price so they could unload them without having to issue a recall down the road).
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    it's bad build quality and structure of the tablet isn't good.

    I ordered a skinomi carbon fiber skin and will be putting that on there soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LizardWiz View Post
    I think it is from charging in the touchstone in landscape mode...
    its not related to that as well because it happens to people who are without TouchStones. It varies in ocurance from People like myself who babied and barely used the thing, keep it in the case etc to people who abused the TP. To different build dates as well. I don't think they still know what the cause is to this date and is one of the main reasons for low priced firesale so they don't have to issue a recall after the warranty period is up and possibly thought as a way to reduce the risk of a class action suit against them when these things start falling apart.
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    speaker vibration or just the way that the plastic flexes and then it cracks? i have mine in the HP case all the time. was thinking of just taping up that place with some layer of silicone or something to make to make it so that there's less impact from twisting?
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    No crack on mine. I leave it on the Touchstone most of the time at home (either orientation), I have no cover/skin on it, and I carry it in a soft neoprene case away from home. I'm reasonably careful not to put a lot of stress on it, but not overly careful.

    The oval speaker openings are obviously a design weakness in the plastic case, but whether or not you get a crack easily probably depends on whether or not there's a tiny manufacturing defect in the plastic around the speaker opening. I suspect that most people will get a crack eventually. When it happens to mine, I'll probably just apply a little plastic glue and work it into the crack, wipe down any exterior overspill carefully, and stick black vinyl tape over it.
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    I babied my TP from day one. Put on screen protector and HP custom case. I also am careful not to hold or lift it from just one corner. I don't have touchstone so I know that's not the reason fo sho.

    The speaker openings and small area of plastic from there to the screen, along with cheap plastic is probably the reason for these cracks. If you were to hold these from the opposite side of speakers all the time, there might be less chance of cracking since less stress will be applied to the plastic near speakers.

    Oh well, I did order a skinomi black carbon fiber (used 'get25' coupon to reduce the cost by 25%) to cover it up as my OCD will torture me if I can see it all the time.
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    Bets are now being taken on how soon after the first day of 2012 another 'crack' thread is started...

    Keeping all discussions in the thread at saves going round and round the same questions and answers. They are all in there in pages 1 through 42 somewhere!

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