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    This is the strangest thing I've seen (so far) with my TouchPad.

    My kids were playing on my TP just before a trip to Atlanta.

    One of my boys walks in my room and shows me the TP and says 'where are all the games?'.

    All the downloaded games were gone. All the homebrew stuff - gone.

    Even the indispensable Preware was gone.

    BUT, this is the strange part, most of the patches and fixes were still in place - like adding more tabs and advanced browser - SO, I knew it wasn't a full reset.

    More like an alien-probing if you ask me.

    No other issues at all - strange.

    Anybody heard of this?
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    Yup... Haven't seen this on a Touchpad.. But I've seen (my own hardware) that for one reason or another the phone went through a Erase apps and Data type of Reset.

    A lot of patches get attached to your profile so restore. Like I said all this was on phone.. It could be completely different for the touchpad.

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    I saw this once before (I think I was on webOS 3.0.2 at the time) and I'm not sure what happened, but a shutdown and restart brought it all back for me. What version of webOS are you on? Let us know if a restart brings it all back.

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