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    Is it possible to move files from Ubuntu Chroot to WebOS using the Gemini File Manager?

    I've been trying to play some MP3s in Ubuntu Chroot with both the standard player and Rhythmbox, but they don't seem to play. Furthermore, when I attempt to install the lubuntu-restricted-extras package (either via the terminal or the Synaptics Package Manager) Ubuntu informs me that the package is broken.


    Is there any way to fix this in Chroot or move files from Ubuntu to WebOS in such a fashion in which they might work?

    Any feedback, comments, and thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Thus far, I have managed to install workable versions of Firefox, Gimp, Transmission, and Aircrack-ng.
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    I use internals pro from Mr.Jason ubuntu files are in media/ext3fs
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    Thank you - That was very helpful. Internalz Pro is able to do this while Gemini is not.

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