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    I'm trying to play 720 MKV files on my HP Touchpad with Kalemsoft.

    I know from reading this website that it works but I think there is a size limit on files you transfer. Is there any way to transfer these 4GB+ files to the Touchpad?
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    I'm confused by your question. Did you try connecting the TouchPad to the computer and then putting the TouchPad into USB mode? It will turn into a thumb drive and you can drag and drop folders onto it.
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    Thanks for the quick reply bluenote. Yes I did do that and can transfer small files successfully that way.

    However, when I try to transfer very large files (.mkv video files), I get an error, something like "Destination drive too full", even though it's not.

    Any thoughts?


    Exact error message: "The disk in the destination drive is full. Insert a new disk to continue."
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    Hmmn, seems like a natural file size limit for the drive format, see below, sorry.
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    Booo, okay I guess I'll have to set up streaming on this then to play these large HD files.

    Thanks bluenote.

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