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    Hi, I recently encountered a problem with my Touchpad. Whenever I try to open up apps like Preware, Music Remix, Govnah or Device Info, a card shows up, but there is only a flashing icon. I've done Luna restarts and device restarts, but nothing works. Can anyone help me?
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    check your wifi connection, perhaps even forget network and then input password again
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    Its not the wifi issue, its just that I cant even go to device info, a card will open, but it wont load. So now there's no way for me to do a reset
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    Hold down the select button (the button with the led on the face, and the power button) until the screen turns off. Then hold power until you get the HP logo.
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    I've reset my Touchpad, but I still can't load Preware or Device Info
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    Nevermind, I fixed it by using the Emergency Patch Installer. Thanks anyways

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