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    I just got a 32 gb TP for Christmas (screaming for joy) but I didn't want a case because I've heard many saying the case is the cause for the cracked speakers. Is this true? If so which cases and if not which cases do you still suggest?

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    I've had a case on mine for months with no issues at all. I'm using the OEM HP case.
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    My 3 Touchpads each have had the folio case since the day they were bought. Each have developed cracks. I have observed that they developed cracks according to how much they were used and in what orientation they were held. When held speakers down, I found that the cracks have been much worse. I belief this is due to the stress on the case and the weakness around the speakers by design. The cases have been very helpful in keeping the condition of my TouchPad, though the cases also have their own design problems.
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    Ok thankyou everyone! I think I'll leave it without a case and maybe just make sure the speakers face up all the time.


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