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    I've has my TP for a while now and have had a case on it. I just got a touchstone charger for it and i was wondering what people do with the case flap.

    It wont charge upset down which is a real bummer so i cant put the TP upside down so the case flap can hang over the top of the touchstone and just flip it round if im finished.

    Equally laying the flap in front the the touchstone is annoying as it takes up so much room.

    The only way i can do it is fold the flap around the back of the TP and place it on the charger, it doesn't sit on it as well while it is like this and this method wont work in portrait (keeps slipping off)

    so I wondered if anyone else has a solution to my problem? Thanks
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    lay it open. flap on table. tp barely sit on ledge.

    this is the best way i've found.
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    I just bought a wide elastic hair band from walmart, I think it was a little over $2 for 5 of them, and stretch it across the edge of the front flap to keep it close, similar to the cover on my kindle keyboard. Cheap and effective.
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    If we're talking about the official case - the manual shows that you're supposed to put it flap out, like you said. Portrait is only supported without the case, unfortunately. Mine works prefectly in the case, with the flap folded behind, under it, though. Other people have reported problems with that. I haven't found a good way to do it in portrait mode, though, it does slide down a tiny bit. perhaps applying a piece of velcro or something to the outside of the case, so that it has something holding it, would help. I haven't tried this, but have considered it.
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    I've been using the flap folded behind landscape method successfully.

    The crease of the flap really locks into the tiny lip on the Touchstone. A naked TP doesn't even mate with the Touchstone as well. The sound can then reflect off a hard surface.

    I think its engineering failure. The case leaves the speaker area unprotected. The speaker area is not reinforced enough for ever being a weight bearing surface. The tiny lip on the stand means its going to slip out and smack the speaker areas.

    Just go ahead and recall all the TP's to replace the defective cracking backs. Replace all the Touchstones with a stand that will hold your TP safely. Replace all the Covers with a design that protects the bottom when on uneven surfaces. What is that... 3/4 the product line ? Combine this with the lack of sales, and I can understand pulling the plug.

    Anyhow. The folded behind method was the least intuitive for me. I assumed the extra thickness of the flap would be a charging issue. I was flumoxed by every other position.

    Not a versatile stand unfortunetly.
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    I use portrait with the case closed, as I usually recharge at night and don't need Exhibition.
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