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    Since release of 3.0.4 i feel like the battery drains a lot faster than it did before the update.
    Are there any patches or apps operating in the background known to reduce battery performance?
    For example, standby does not seem to last very long compared to the first weeks of using the TP.

    Most of the patches I use are from here:

    Any idea?

    Btw.: I can't update or remove "muffle system logging". What can I do about that?
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    Patches may cause battery drain faster. But usually they related to performance tweak. That's the trade off that we need to face if we want to have better performance. You can accept it or not depend on yourself.

    About muffle system logging. You need to use Emergency Patch Recovery that can be found on Preware > Linux app to remove it. Once it removed you can install it again. But remember, each time upgrade available, better remove this patch first and theme.
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    Lately I've been noticing my TP battery draining fast. %20 in 24 hrs. with no usage and on airplane mode. This isn't right is it? I use Touchstone to charge only when battery is low and remove after full charge. Should I try removing preware?
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    Preware surely doesn't do anything about it. Preware is very essential for webOS. Either contain homebrew app and patches. I think you better try to analyze the problem by uninstall all patches and kernel. Make it runs on default state. Check if your TP still have battery drain, if it still like that, the only way is doctor your TP. You said 20% drain in 24hours, make sure no opened apps at that time, to analyze problem more accurately. After you tested it in default state, then try to install several patches only, log it on note manually what you installed, check if your TP battrey drain fast or not. If not, add more patches, and analyze again. Sometimes quite hard to find the culprit. Need some patience to do it.

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