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    Hey guys - just got a touchpad, yay! Long time pre user from sprint and am glad I have the latest webos. My questions is, can I have two webos accounts on the thing? I'd like to have one for me and one for my girlfriend.

    Also, it's not acknowledging a 3.0.4 update, should I just use the doctor?
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    No (dumb heh)
    Yes (backup first just in case)
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    The HP Site does not allow to log onto the webOS accounts, thus it is not showing the 3.0.4 update. My wife's new TP shows up-to-date with 3.0.2. I am going to give it a little longer to see if the HP site goes back up with 3.0.4. I hate to doctor a brand new TouchPad. My wife doesn't know any better anyway. I'm just waiting to install homebrew on hers.
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    try downloading from here. this just skips the bit where you enter your serial number.

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