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    Found an issue with the SMS sharing from the touchpad to my pre2 on 2.2.4.

    If I type out a long text message, it wont split it up into multiple texts to send. It just confuses my pre2, screws up texting to where nothing else will come in or go out. Phone restart fixes it.

    Can someone maybe do a quick patch for a character counter for the messaging app on the touchpad so I can make sure to not type too long of a message?

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    +1... Even better would be a patch that would split SMS messages appropriately like the phone does.

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    Anyone else having this issue?
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    My phone (Pre3) doesn't split messages any more.... hasn't for a while. I don't think any of my 2.x devices are splitting any more.

    Haven't used SMS sharing in a while, the experience was vastly underwhelming for me. Need MMS sharing to make it truly worthwhile.
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    I'm trying to find a thread about getting my touchpad and pre- to send sms. Does it even function? Eventually I will be switching to a pre2 unlocked but want to send sms from touchpad now! I tried searching for messaging but came up with only this partially usefully thread. Maybe I should try searching "sms".

    ok, found right threads. We are missing the mpa that all old phones need to send sms over bluetooth.
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