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    hi guys

    i was wondering if could ask your help on this little issue i noticed on my touchpad. Here goes...

    so i started using my TP to read office documents, and one thing i've noticed is that when i zoom into the max size to read some of the longer paragraphs, the letters seem distorted(little blurry) and it gets harder to read. when i zoom it in on my pc it looks fine though. is this an issue with the adobe reader app? what can i do to remedy this? any input would be appreciated. thanks!
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    Improved quality is one of the patches included in the install described and downloadable here. The quality can be greatly improved but will still not match the quality you get on your PC.
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    The performance of the stock QuickOffice pdf reader is one of the great disappointments of the TouchPad. But not to worry, the patch linked above is the solution. It works very well and makes a big improvement.

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