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    I just got an email from Ebay with a gift certificate for $100 and an apology for problems with my HP Touchpad purchase during the firesale. I had two in my cart but was never able to make the purchase.

    Did anyone else get the gift certificate? It looks legitimate but I haven't heard anything about this. If so this is great.
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    Interesting. I also had a Touchpad in my cart multiple times during the sale and was never able to complete a transaction, due to freeze-ups in the payment processing. A couple of days ago, eBay sent me their "sincere apologies" and a coupon for 10 percent off my next purchase up to a maximum value of 10 (ten) dollars. And incidentally I'm one of their "highly valued" Paypal Premier members. At the time left me feeling a bit "lukewarm". Reminds me of how airlines price their seats differently under the covers. Congratulations and enjoy your reward!
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    I also had TP's in my cart that didnt go through, and nothing from eBay. That would be great though...
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    I know this is a poor example below but this was the email. The ironic part is that this is from an account I made that day for my wife with no feedback that had never been used before. I did complain to them so I guess that is why I got it.

    Paypal actually took the money out of my account for several days before refunding it so maybe that is why.

    Gift Certificate Issue Date: Dec 23, 2011

    From: eBay
    To show our appreciation, here's a $100 eBay Gift Certificate with our apologies for any inconvenience you experienced while ordering a TouchPad from the HP eBay store. Happy holidays from eBay and HP
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    Got the $100 ebay gift certifcate also!

    It's a welcome surprise.

    I have no clue how ebay/HP decided who gets what. I had two in my cart and paypal already for confirmation and than server crashed.

    What's interesting is I actually got charged for both TouchPad's for one day. But than the next day, HP refunded my payment through my AMEX account.

    So maybe the gift certificate is for those orders that went through and were charged (but never got paypal confirmation)?
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    It may be the fact that I was charged for it. It went through my bank account and took over a week to get my money back. I was upset until now.

    It was well worth it now after getting the $100!
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    I just got one as well and was wondering if some sort of scam. Has anybody actually used the gift certificate yet?
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    I got an email for a $100 eBay coupon as well. This is not a scam. If you log into your PayPal account you will see a $100 coupon inside! There is no way anyone could have hacked into my PayPal account an deposited a $100 coupon.

    This was very unexpected and a very pleasant surprise.

    To those of us who did get the eBay $100 email what will you buy with it?

    If anyone has any awesome gadget suggestions in that price range or 20-50 more I'm open. I love gadgets and do not know what to get. I already have all the accessories I need for my touchpad (the one I was purchasing on eBay was for my fiancÚ).
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    Another $100 winner here. I got all the way to paypal when trying to buy the ebay TP when it couldn't complete order. Didn't realize that I had actually gotten charged for the non completed order until i noticed a positive balance on my paypal account followed up a couple days later by the email.

    Now my paypal account shows both the positive balance and the gift certificate. Cool.

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