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    So, I'm following my normal routine of arriving home with my two toddler-aged boys by grabbing the Touchpad + diaper bags & such from the car and setting on top of my car while un-strapping the little ones from their car seats. Then I go to collect all my stuff from the top of the car and head into the house.

    That was around 5:00

    So I'm just coasting through my evening being pre-occupied as any parent of toddlers will tell you. So up around 10:30pm, after finally getting them to sleep i'm thinking of jumping on the TP. I look high and low, but can't find it. Finally I decide to check the car, and there it is, on TOP of the car, drenched in rain water from having been sitting out there in a light drizzle for 5 1/2 hours!

    Nearly frantic, I rush to get 'my precious' back inside where its warm and toasty. Fortunately I keep it in an HP case. So there really was barely even a drop of water on the TP itself once I opened it up. Trepidatiously I pressed the power button, knowing that even the slightest micro-second of a delay would indicate a certain compromise of the hardware. But, thank God, there was none. ALL IS WELL!

    Long live TouchPad!
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    Wow. You are one LUCKY man!! Wet is one issue... stolen would be another! LOL Glad the case kept it nice and dry
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    Not sure if rain or snow would have been worse. Glad to hear it lives
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    It almost saw snow...and ice.

    Had I not discovered it until the next morning, it would have wound up frozen to the roof of my car. We had freezing rain last night.
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    Better by a lottery ticket while you still feel lucky. All the best to you!
    Game over!

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