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    I have tried on several occasions to register a debit card with the HP app catalogue,but have not been successful.I live in Italy.
    I decided to use the online chat help and was connected with "Patrick" who informed me that because the Touchpad was not released in Italy,I could not buy apps and there is nothing they could do about it! He also informed me that they would not accept Italian credit/debit cards for the same reason.I then informed Patrick that I actually had a UK card,but with an Italian address and had purchased the Touchpad from the UK.I was then told,because I had activated the device in Italy there was nothing more they could do for me.
    After more "discussion",HP have decide to "escalate my case".
    In this day and age,I am astounded that this closed minded attitude exists.What does it matter where you live,or where you activated the device,if there are no problems with the card,it should be accepted!!
    As it stands,I am restricted to free apps only from the HP catalogue.Of course there are a lot of good things from the homebrew market,but I cant help but feel left out in the cold by HP.
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    Have you checked to see if the Impostah app can help you? I have never used it but sounds like it could be helpful in this situation.
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    Thanks for the link.If all attempts fail to get HP to see sense then I could try Impostah.They have said it may be possible to change my activation country to one that they don't discriminate against,but we will see.

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