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    some videos work fine, some (like super troopers) don't play for me either. I wonder if they aren't having some growing pains after making their announcement for more programming?
    I'm 99% sure this is due to Flash not being up to date on the Touchpad. When I tried to view the same show on my computer, an update was applied to the video player, then it played correctly. I believe someone above also had the same experience.
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    Well, I actually watched super troopers like a week ago flawlessly on the TP and after seeing the complaints about videos not working, I tried again and no go. Other stuff is working, as others have said, though.
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    After seeing this thread, I've actually signed up for the Amazon Prime membership and watched couple of movies on my TP. I must say I was really impressed.

    If only NetFlix can release an app for the TP, I am good to go.
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