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    As a previous owner of the original Palm Pre on Sprint and current owner of the TouchPad, I have to say that my confidence in WebOS is starting to fade quickly. The rate of development/updates that have been released for the TouchPad has been very underwhelming. I am saying that as someone who has worked for software companies much smaller than the remaining Palm team is repoted to be at now.

    That doesn't mean that their developers aren't doing large amounts of development; it is just that the consumer of current TouchPads have seen very little fruits from their labor. If I had to venture a guess, I am thinking that much of the focus of their developers is making core changes to the underlying infrastructure to make the WebOS platform more appealing to other vendors to pick up. Possibly APIs and other changes that would allow apps for Android to run on WebOS or something like that (it would make it easier for Amazon to pull the trigger for future Kindle Fires for example). That is all fine and good, but as a current owner of the TouchPad, the slower the rate for updates to WebOS 3.0 are, the harder it will be to not jump ship and install Android ICS on my TouchPad. I really want WebOS to succeed, but these very slow and underwhelming updates take a toll on your confidence level in the platform.

    My 2 cents.
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    How often does Apple ship out an update to iOS? How often do phone manufacturers ship out updates to Android?

    At the moment, I'd have to venture that the focus of most of the developers is on getting through their time off at the end of the year, then getting back to work on things that would include finishing up 3.0.5, finishing up Enyo 1.1, and replacing the 11(or was it 14) known pieces of the system that are not going to be able to be open sourced with components that can be. There might potentially be some people working on 3.0.6 or 3.1.0 or whatever is next as well, and lots of people doing work on determining what exactly to do with everything to get it ready for open sourcing.

    (my TouchPad has had 1 fewer update in the time that I've owned it, as my iPod has had in the 4 months longer that I've owned that...)
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    Uumm.. perhaps iPads just don't NEED 'updates' as often as the rather immature webOS 3.0.0 did/does????

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    iOS is a much more mature OS. webOS 3.0 still has quite a few rough edges and could use some performance optimization. With the TouchPad, HP doesn't need to worry about getting wireless carrierers to approve the updates so they could be pumping out the updates much more rapidly than their older versions which were being used by phones. If HP is trying to combat the "webOS is dead" story line, pumping out updates (even if they are smaller in size) would go a long way in combatting that perception.
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