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    I just got my first HP touchpad on Friday from the big ebay sale they had going. I am sure well hope any HP fan knew about this sale and knows that the touchpad they were selling were refurbished. Well now here I am trying to charge the new thing and... Its not charging. I was hoping someone could tell me where I could go out and get a USB cable that would work for this.. I have a felling its the USB cable not the touchpad itself. If it is not the cable.. What shell I do?

    better hurry up with answer I've only got 6% of battery life life.

    thanks to ever who ever helps out..
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    any standard USB to Micro USB cable will work, they're all the same. if you have most any recent model phone or digital camera it would have come with the right cable. I doubt it's the cable though, but for your sake I hope it is.

    you can also plug the usb cable into a computer's usb port, then just tap Close on the usb mode popup. with the screen off, it will charge slowly but surely (yes, even though the charging icon will not appear)... figure 20+ hours to charge fully from 6% via a usb port.
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    Yay I know for a fact now that's its the USB cable they sent I just put in my cell phone cable into the touchpad and it will keep it alive but its not going to fully charge it says. So what is the most powerful USB cable out there? That will work for my touchpad. I don't have anything that will hook up to my computer sadly.

    thank you for your help!
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    How fast it charges has nothing to do with the cable, it's the charger. Or when you say cable do you actually mean charger+cable as one thing?

    either way, as long as the screen is off, the touchpad WILL charge with any power source, regardless of the warning message.
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    and of course, if the charger that came with your refurb touchpad is no good, HP should send you another one. just contact them, or do a chat using the tech support app on the touchpad; all reports I've seen say they are very good about such things.
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    when I put in the USB cable they sent me it will not charge my touchpad, it will charge it for like a min and then it goes off. I just put my sprint cell phone USB cable charger in and it is slowly, very very slowly charging it or at least keeping it alive. Also I just watched this YouTube video showing you what USB changer works.. Looks like not just any changer will work for the touchpad. I guess I'll leave my screen off and try to let it charge over night.
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    The user who made that video simply doesn't understand how the touchpad charging circuitry works. However ultimately it is true that the only charger that (without modification) can charge the touchpad at full rate is the original HP charger; it's wired in a special way that tells the TouchPad it can draw 2amps of current. With other chargers or a PC usb port, the TouchPad draws much less current, but there's still enough to charge slowly with the screen off.

    I explained this all in detail and backed it up with some quick testing here: (see the post 2 posts below that one for the actual tests)
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    my original charger will only charge if I 'wiggle it' until I get the icon showing over the battery that it is charging. I am going to look for a new charger, however, it really feels like it is the actual port that has a problem. It seems like it has stretched or something. The charger used to be difficult to plug in, but now it seems like it would practically fall out. Anyone else have this problem and any fix?
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    i have 2 t pads and one cable doesn't charge, it is looser in both t pads, while the other one is fine,

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