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    Hope someone may be able to help. We have a TP that my brother likes to read his books on in PDF format. For no apparent reason the Adobe application has stopped functioning. When you press on it to start it just sticks on the eggtimer! We thought maybe removing and reinstalling might work but can't work out how to do that on the tablet.

    I don't want to use Web Os Dr unless strictly necessary so hoping someone might be able to advise us.

    Many thanks
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    Verify that the pdf files weren't corrupted somehow. I had the same problem and then tried to open that file with smartOffice which couldn't open it either and said it was corrupt.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I don't know if the files were corrupted somehow. Adobe won't open at all so it's not a case of trying to open a particular file as we don't reach that stage at all But if I can find the files I will try to open with Smartoffice thanks
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    Try and open the file from an e-mail or file browser app to see if this then force launches adobe.
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    Silly thought, but...did you try a full device restart?

    When I have apps that "stick," a full restart usually does the trick.

    Good luck!

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