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The problem with that HP's logic is they haven't been protecting the shareholders either. I guess we have been kind of spoiled with the level of communication we have been used to with Palm to were even though we had unaddressed complaints we felt like they were listening to us. Shareholder over customer is the philosophy eh? I wish this and other Palm/WebOS forums could moblize to find someway to direct where efforts are going. The bug lists are cluttered with comments. The suggestions are scattered and the people with access don't seem to wanna rock the boat fearing loss of access. The movement to put WebOS on other devices got a lot of press. I don't want another device, I just want the ones I have to work like they have actually been thru beta testing. I have never felt that with a Microsoft OS release. They may have many security holes, but those aren't user experience affecting, and the user experience isn't interupted with the new and rather frequent updates. No mobile OS is perfect, I agree. But we are actively trying to make ours better, but don't feel engaged or heard.
perhaps HP is too big to listen. Honestly, it seems that many collaborative issues because they don't take customers seriously. You can worry about your stockholders, but if you kill off the customers, what do you got?