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    I just got an email from HP that the shipping cost that they charged during the ebay firesale was an error on their part and they are refunding those back.

    I just got mine in the email and it is reflecting on my paypal account already.
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    Me too!
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    Me as well, I love getting $38 unexpectedly.
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    Did you guys fill anything out or file some sort of complaint to get a refund?
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    good move on their part, they had to stem the rash of negs they were getting on the shipping charges...I didn't think $19 was out of line for regular shipping, packaging and handling....

    anyway, it seems they decided to refund the full shipping amounts, win/win all around, and it stopped the negatories pronto...

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    no forms. Just got an email. I'm not sure if its a coincidence, but my touchpad is out for delivery when I got my email
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    I missed the ebay in front of firesale. Ii thought you were talking about the original firesale in august
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    nothing for me yet. I have separate emails for ebay and PayPal but nothing on either yet. My 16 got here on Friday and my 32 I just got today.
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    So now what will happen to all the negative feedbacks left for HP? It's embarassing and shameful how ppl left negative feedbacks complaining about shipping when the shipping price was clearly listed on the auction page. No one forced them to buy it.
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    I think some people got doubled on the $19 shipping/handling/packaging for a total of $38 (or ordered 2, and only got 1 and the second shipping not refunded right away, see below), either that, or with all the intensity involved with getting one in your basket and then the rush to get out of PayPal, they may have toggled the "2 day shipping option", which happened to also be $38...

    I also read several feedbacks where some only got 1 TP when they ordered and paid for 2 (the lucky ones, I guess), the system was so taxed, one can complain all they want, nothing could have been done, the huge expense of more servers just for a single event, well, you get my drift....

    from what I read, they got a credit back for 1 TP....

    some lucky ones actually got the 2 TP's they snagged....

    it was a huge mess, just like this whole TP/WebOs least HP has realized the problem and seems to be going the extra step to tide the huge wave of negatories....they are anxious to move on....


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    I accidentally clicked the two day option and got dinged for $76. What a nice surprise to get the entire amount refunded unexpectedly.
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    I got two on the sunday ebay firesale and was okay paying $38 but thought $19 would have been fine for two as well. I got them about 4:06 without any hangups in the system. All was smooth and I never complained to anyone at all. Then I saw this thread, checked my email and my refund was already in my paypal account. If you are in the same boat as me I'd look into it if you don't get your refund soon.
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    Very cool, I didn't notice any emails but just logged into paypal and sure enough there was $19 in my account!

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