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    I am trying to find a product that will allow me to do a copy and paste from a document saved on my touchpad (currently I have QUICKOFFICE) into a web browser.

    I do all of my online banking from my PC and the touchpad does not seem to have this ability and I have purchased multiple products from the hp store and nothing seem to work

    Ideally it would be great if I could just touch the weblink in my document (does not have to be a document..I will try anything) and it will then take me to the web location and then fill in my id/password so I can perform transactions..

    I did purchase securestore 2 for securing password but that does not seem to work and I have sent multiple notes to the vendor for support but so far I have not heard back from ANYONE to my email that I provided..
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    an app can't paste into another app, you'll need to do a hold inside the input, and hit Paste on your own.
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    I have plugins for firefox that can do this sort of thing on my Ubuntu box, skeptical you're going to find it on the touchpad. You could, of course, load Ubuntu on the touchpad, something I have yet to get to myself.
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    Have you tried the Clipboard for webOS app by Inglorius Apps? It can save several clips as long as you like and you can choose the one you need for pasting.

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