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    R is a statistical programming language/software that is used by an increasingly large number of academics and professionals.

    It is available as a Unix, Mac or Windows compiled app and sources are available too
    The Comprehensive R Archive Network

    Any chance this could be made available on Webos -- would create a very powerful analytical device for the rest of us

    What would be involved?
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    This should pretty much boil down to writing a(n enyo) front-end to R. The website doesn't state any dependency on a particular platform, so compiling the raw program for ARM should do the trick.
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    Have you tried installing debian or ubuntu and then just using apt-get for R? Matlab is proprietry, but there is an open-source package called octave that is similar to old versions of matlab (last I used it, about 5 years ago, only 2D matrices were supported).

    And yes, R is awesome. I use it for statistical analysis instead of the cursed SPSS.

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