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    I can't search these forums from my tp; I hit the search field, the keyboard comes up, and the search window closes. Any clues?

    Hmmm...Just tried it with my notebook: can't search with it either! The forum must be wanky.
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    I was just able to find your message using the search function. I'm posting this from the TouchPad.

    One thing you may want to do is access the forums through the PreCentral News HD app when using a webOS device.

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    Use the "Advanced Search" option from your TouchPad.
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    It's the "Search this Forum" link that has the issue.
    And as suggested above, use Advanced link on that popup. Something about the
    keyboard appearing, makes the little search popup disappear. It's not the only
    annoying incompatibility between the full version of this website, and the WebOS browser.


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