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    Hi all!

    I've managed to reinstall pre ware but the icon to get into preware is gone on my TP!

    How do I get it working?

    Hope someone can help me!
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    Try tying "Prew" into Just Type to find the app
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidtm View Post
    Try tying "Prew" into Just Type to find the app
    Doesn't work I'm afraid.Its really doing my head in!

    I've a feeling Ill have to start from scratch.
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    restart Luna? Sometimes an icon wont appear until you restart Luna.
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    I have restarted the TP several times!
    Still no icon.

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    if you run webosquickinstaller, does it show Preware as being installed, or no?

    is it listed in your Software Manager ?
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