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    First of all, my apologies, I have done a search for this already; and though the board seems to be littered with the same question I have yet to find an answer.

    Overclocked, downloaded a lot of patches, and used the hulu patch provided in the sticky here and now I just noticed my app catalog is broken! Would it be caused by the patches I have installed?

    Is it down for anyone else?


    A brand new tyouchpad owner, Omi...
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    UPDATE: The Help App also can not load pages... Is this on HPs end or did I ruin das touchpad and have to run through the doctor...
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    App cat. Up and running here.. NJ
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    Quote Originally Posted by sketch42 View Post
    App cat. Up and running here.. NJ
    What are the chances its the hulu patch?
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    Oh, just reread the hulu patch... Sure enough thats my culprit. Bugger.

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