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    When I connect my Windows XP laptop to the touchpad and enter usb mode, I goto My Computer and click the new drive, it asks me if I want to format the drive. Obviously I would rather not but it seems I am dead in the water if I don't. I just got this today so I am not worried about losing all that much but I did run a bunch of patchs and updates on it so I have no idea what I would lose.

    Is there a proper way to do this? I tried with dev mode on and off no such luck...
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    Can you try plugging it into another PC? Like a Win 7 or Mac? If it works, do a scan on the USB partition.
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    Only other machine I have right now is a Windows Home Server but I will give it a shot, backing up my laptop to it now anyway and going to reimage the laptop before I get started with loading Android anyway.

    Just curious if anyone has had this issue, I can see the drive in Internalz, at least I assume that is the same partition...
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    had the same problem with mine i did it and it messed up webOS and the doctor would not work. Had to send it into HP to get it fixed.
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    thanks for the 411, I have it working on my home server so it looks like I will be okay once I get my laptop reloaded.

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