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    I have previously transferred pics from my PC to touchpad via USB without a problem. Today I transfer pics (jpeg's) but they do not show up in any folder in my touchpad. However if I connect my touchpad to my pc via the USB and explore my touchpad from my pc I can see the pics in my touchpad. I am using Win7. I checked my available storage space on the touchpad and I have plenty of space to transfer pics.
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    I had this problem (and have it again).

    I searched a lot and tried a lot of suggestions. Most of which made things worse.
    I chatted with Palm support, they told me to do a full erase of apps + data from the Settings Reset options.
    That fixed my issue; but did not delete the files on the usb drive for some reason.

    Unfortunately the photo problem came back the next day and all my existing photos do not show up on the Touchpad anymore.
    I'm going to try a doctor in the hopes that fixes things.
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    It is a known media indexing bug that effects users at different levels (no 2 experiences are completely the same, across same or different devices).

    Internalz will be able to view the files no problem. Not sure if Gemini File manager can view them as well.
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    reboot for me on both the pre3 and touchpad fully updates the music/pictures/etc that were added via usb, never once had them update/appear immediatly after copying them over, ive always required a reboot for the apps to fully see and display them.
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    I have the same problem when I transfer photos and music but all I have to do is do reboot and they are all there. Don't know why but it works for me.
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    You can also try "bouncing" the photo app off the bottom of the screen to completely close it. It will then open fresh and usually finds the new pics. Worked for me several times.

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