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    So I'm trying to completely 100% wipe EVERYTHING from my HP Touchpad and start it from scratch. There's a lot of junk on there, and trying to wipe the probably 10gb partition I gave to Ubuntu is a bit of a pain.

    I followed this guide and when I try to enter any commands in novaterm, it says the command is unknown and there's no root@etcetc or anything in novaterm, either.
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    rm /media/cryptofs/ubuntu.img

    rm -r /media/ext3fs

    u type those two commands in the xecutah app
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    There's a really useful app called "tailor" in the alpha or beta feeds of preware. it allows you to manage partitions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by venn177 View Post
    So I'm trying to completely 100% wipe EVERYTHING from my HP Touchpad and start it from scratch...
    I hear that part and think why not just doctor with an official 3.0.4 image, and maybe a full/secure erase. That should get you back to square 1 I would think.
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    Simply doctoring the device will not remove the partition AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK..
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    Quote Originally Posted by slamdunksaliby View Post
    rm /media/cryptofs/ubuntu.img

    rm -r /media/ext3fs

    u type those two commands in the xecutah app
    "No such file or directory."
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    Still needing help with this.

    Using tailor, I now have my partitions as such, and I have no clue what the "factory settings" I should be shooting for are. My goal is to have it as much dedicated to CyanogenMod as possible.

    USB (media): 19.531gb
    User (ext3): 4.336gb
    Android (system): 304mb
    Android (cache): 200mb
    Android (data): 1.5gb
    Unused space: none

    Edit: At one point I had a partition for a virtual SD card, and I can't make a new one.
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    you want all the gb's under the media partition
    so if you want to keep android :s then all you need to do is unmount the ext3 partition and add the space to the media partition
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    I tried that, but then a lot of the time when I try to install or download things in CyanogenMod I get something along the lines of "SD card is corrupt/missing/broken", so I need an SD card partition that I know I used to have but have no way of making now.
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    Bump out of desperation.
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    Here is the clipped output from a doctor log file that indicates partition table/scheme. I don't know if this will provide any help or not.
    Output device /dev/mmcblk0 can hold 31908167680 bytes
    Output device has partition table with 13 entries
    Flash Entry 0: type 1 (MBR), size 512 (1), offset 0 (0), file 0x0, part 0(p), type 0, reformat=true
    Flash Entry 1: type 8 (space), size 104857600 (32000), offset 512 (1), file 0x0, part 1(p), type c, reformat=false
    Flash Entry 2: type 8 (space), size 512000 (3e8), offset 104858112 (32001), file 0x0, part 2(p), type 4d, reformat=false
    Flash Entry 3: type 8 (space), size 1536000 (bb8), offset 105370112 (323e9), file 0x0, part 3(p), type 51, reformat=false
    Flash Entry 4: type 8 (space), size 512000 (3e8), offset 134217728 (40000), file 0x0, part 5(s), type 47, reformat=false
    Flash Entry 5: type 8 (space), size 768000 (5dc), offset 201326592 (60000), file 0x0, part 6(s), type 45, reformat=false
    Flash Entry 6: skipped
    Flash Entry 7: type 8 (space), size 2560000 (1388), offset 268435456 (80000), file 0x0, part 7(s), type 4c, reformat=false
    Flash Entry 8: type 2 (Bootloader), size 10485760 (5000), offset 335544320 (a0000), file 0x828c70, part 8(s), type 48, reformat=false
    Flash Entry 9: type 8 (space), size 1536000 (bb8), offset 402653184 (c0000), file 0x0, part 9(s), type 46, reformat=false
    Flash Entry 10: type 8 (space), size 3145728 (1800), offset 469762048 (e0000), file 0x0, part 10(s), type 4a, reformat=false
    Flash Entry 11: type 8 (space), size 3145728 (1800), offset 536870912 (100000), file 0x0, part 11(s), type 4b, reformat=false
    Flash Entry 12: type 3 (NVRAM), size 4194304 (2000), offset 540016640 (101800), file 0x0, part 12(s), type f0, reformat=true
    Flash Entry 13: type 4 (ext3), size 33554432 (10000), offset 544210944 (103800), file 0x0, part 13(s), type 83, reformat=true
    Flash Entry 14: type 7 (LVM), size 31237079040 (3a2f000), offset 603979776 (120000), file 0x0, part 14(s), type 8e, reformat=true
    Volume Group 0:
    Physical Volume 0: id pv size 31237079040 (3723 extents)
    Logical Volume 0: name root type 4 (ext3) size 595591168 (71 extents) format 1
    Logical Volume 1: name var type 4 (ext3) size 67108864 (8 extents) format 1
    Logical Volume 2: name update type 4 (ext3) size 16777216 (2 extents) format 1
    Logical Volume 3: name log type 4 (ext3) size 25165824 (3 extents) format 1
    Logical Volume 4: name mojodb type 4 (ext3) size 268435456 (32 extents) format 1
    Logical Volume 5: name filecache type 4 (ext3) size 142606336 (17 extents) format 1
    Logical Volume 6: name media type 6 (Fat32) size 29553065984 (3523 extents) format 0
    Logical Volume 7: name swap type 0 (None) size 536870912 (64 extents) format 1

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