I ordered my TouchPad in August but couldn't find anyone to bring it to me in Egypt until now. I've had it for about 5 days so far and have some questions. The first two are probably the most important to me.

1) Is there a way to access apps from a chrooted Debian install from a webOS install? Let's say I want to use telnet, nmap or some other command-line utility. Must I always open a chroot stack and run it from there?

2) Can I get CUPS onto the TouchPad somehow so I can print to either my Linux or OS X machine? Obviously I could do this from the chroot, but how about with webOS apps directly?

3) How can I set my profile picture in the Messaging app? Can I at all?

4) Is there any way to stream audio from iTunes, even via Airfoil or a similar app if not natively?

5) Is there a VNC server for webOS?

6) Can I install sudo somehow in webOS, so I can use the shell remotely but disable root access in the sshd_config?

7) Can I create Samba shares in webOS?

Thanks in advance!