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    I love my TouchPad, but have to face reality - the iPad 1 has the edge when it comes to user experience, and has all the Apps she will ever want.

    If you want something with better specs than the iPad 1, then you can check to see if you can get any good Honeycomb Android tablets for a similar price. If not, then go iPad 1. Getting a TP and putting on CM7 so she can get access to more Apps isn't a good idea, because currently the UI is clunky and it has issues that will drive someone not tech savvy up the wall - it's fine for techies to deal with the wifi and sound issues, but others would go batty about it. That might be resolved when CM9 comes on the scene, but that's probably more than a month away.
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    Thank you guys for all your help and she decided on going with a touchpad and I got one for her. Btw this isnt her only gift to rekindel the fire!
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    You could get her the LBD for it as well. HP still have stock @ 10.
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    I have both ipad 2 and touchpad. If your wife is not big on apps, touchpad is awesome for web-browsing. It's fast, shows all the flash just like the desktop/notebook.

    So, my recommendation between ipad 1 and touchpad is TOUCHPAD. But don't pay more than $150 for 16g!

    Good luck!
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    Not that anyone is curious how my wife felt about the touchpad but, this is what happens.

    She unwrapped the touchpad and was like "Thanks honey!!!, now i can play Wordfued!!!" I scratched my head and broke it to her, "they don't make Wordfued for Webos". "Oh," she said "well how about Words With Friends!!!" "Nope", I said. So then I told her about android on the tablet. She said ok do that. Now I never got around to it but the other day I came to her with something.

    "You know I really wanted a Touchpad" I said
    "You always want what I have" she said
    "Well i was thinking I would buy an ipad and give it to you and take the touchpad so you can have wordfued or words with friends "
    "WHAT!" She said "Why would I want that crap!"
    <---- ME
    She continued "I played with my dad's ipad and Erica's ( a friend of hers) and they are boring and I love being able to do a lot of things at the same time! Why would you take my touchpad and give me that crap! Don't talk to me!"
    She stomps off.
    <---- Me

    My wife knows nothing about spec of phones or pads or even the names of the os's. She simply loves the functionality of being on Facebook, write an email plus, jot down a note while Angry Birds is running in the background.
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    I bought my wifey an xmas TP. Payed 299 some and just bought it. She is used to a pre for years since new.
    When I got my hands on it, loaded Android CM and she is in paradise.
    Sometimes, I repeat sometimes... girls dont like a choice. Mine does not know there exists a dual boot. She is a happy kitten.
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    lol thats funny. I just thought WWF or WF meant more to my wife then the touchpad, till she actually used it. They day she finds out her touchpad doesn't mulititask, because i put andriod on it, it will be off with my head
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