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    By default, the Touchpad seems to search out every directory/file on the drive and display them in the Photos & Videos app. This sucks in every album art file I have in my music directory. Also true for exhibition. Annoying.
    Is there a way to tell it to just look in one directory?
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    In exhibition, you can choose what directory it shows. At least on phones you can. I dont have a TouchPad, so I dont know if its different or not. But on the phones, you can pick which folder to show in the top right corner. As far as it reading your album art in your photos app, I dont believe there is a way to chose what albums are displayed. If I were you, I would take all your music and embed the album art into the music files themselves. MediaMonkey and I think Itunes does this. That way there is no actual image to display in your albums.
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    Unfortunately there is no way to tell the photo app to do ANYTHING. Not one preference. Its still amazing there is nothing available to replace that crap photo app.
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