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    I have the Ad Blocker patch installed and would like to remove a few of the entries it puts in the hosts file. I can open and edit the file using Internalz, but when I try to save it locks up at "Saving...0%". Not sure if this is a problem with Internalz, if the file is read-only, or something else. Any ideas?
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    You may ask in jasons thread about it.
    Yes you can edit /etc/hosts and have to mount root "/" in read and write permissions.
    Don't know how internalZ is handling that.
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    you would have to enable ""master mode" in Internalz preferences to remove read-only restrictions.

    edit: my hosts file at ~530kb when i added my server ip and saved, it locks up just like the OP said. but when I edit my hostname, it saves fine. i'm thinking the file needs to be copied to /internal, edited, and cp -f back to /etc, over writing the original.

    edit2: it does the same thing when i try to edit the hosts file in /internal with Internalz. There may be a limitation in the application.

    edit3: i used webos quick install. Under Tools.

    1. receive file: /etc/hosts to ~/Desktop
    2. edited file
    3. send file: ~/Desktop/hosts to /etc/
    4. reboot
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    Thanks, the quick install method worked for me.

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