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    Java applet on webpage
    RCSB PDB-101 for 3M9S

    It surprised that the java applets actually can run in WebOS 3.0.4 broswer. I just cannot control the applet. cannot focus on the Java applet(Is there a fix).

    What level of jvm(java applet) support is provided in WebOS 3? I tried the same page on android 2.2.2/2.3.7 but neither of them could load the java applet.
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    Google and Oracle are in the midst of a lawsuit over the previous use of java within the Android OS. Android currently does not support java apps.
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    Thanks for the info. Then why WebOS browser can run java applets? In some wiki it's said WebOS was about to drop Java applet long ago(in WebOS 2.x IIRR)...

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